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Popular Causes

We are a non-profital & Working for needy people

Environmental work - Plantation

The MAAN FOUNDATION, led by Jeetu Belani, has been diligently working towards promoting environmental conservation through plantation drives at various places. The foundation has initiated several campaigns to encourage people to participate in tree plantation activities.

Education Work

Education plays a crucial role in the development of society and empowering individuals. However, not everyone has access to quality education due to various socio-economic reasons. One way to help bridge this gap is by donating books, sponsoring college/school fees for needy and poor students.

Help to needy patient

MAAN FOUNDATION supporting health initiatives such as donating medicines and other medical aids to poor patients. The NGO, MAAN FOUNDATION, led by Jeetu Belani, has been doing an excellent job of providing these services and bringing hope to those who may have given up on life.

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